Madar Law Office provides a full range of legal services, including the following:

This is only a partial listing of our unparalleled legal services. Even if you do not see the service you require, contact us today to discuss your legal needs.

Divorce can be a very complicated and emotionally stressful time in your life.  Turn to the Madar Law Office for help.  Our professionals offer a wealth of experience in divorce matters and will assist you throughout the divorce process.  Do not go through this complex litigation process alone. Call Madar Law Office today.

When it comes to custody matters, Madar Law Office is dedicated to helping our clients obtain the best outcome.  There are many aspects involved with both Physical Custody and Legal Custody.  We take the time to explain the custody process and help you understand your rights.  We are highly experienced with working matters through the Friend of the Court and the “Best Interest Test” and will aggressively pursue the outcome that fits your unique needs.

Child Support:
Child Support follows a complex formula mandated by the state of Michigan.  Don’t miss out on a fair calculation because you don’t know your legal rights.  Let Madar Law Office help you.

Parenting Time:
Parenting time with your child/children is often the most important aspect for clients going through a divorce.  Madar Law Office is committed to working with each client to arrange the optimal parenting time schedule.  We educate our clients on their rights and help them make informed decisions about their legal options.

Probate/Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts:
Let Madar Law Office handle all of your estate planning needs, from simple wills to complex trusts.  You may need a Durable Power of Attorney for your financial planning, and you may also need a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care for your health related wishes.  Let us advise you and help you build a plan that targets your specific needs.

Guardianships and Conservatorships:
The guardianship and conservatorship process is an involved one, often requiring substantial paperwork and the retention of health care experts.  We have been through this process with our clients countless times and can assist you in filing guardianships and conservatorships, both for adults and children who may be legally incapacitated.  While the filing process may seem intimidating, we can guide you through every step along the way. We will complete the necessary paperwork and attend any court proceedings with you.  Your loved ones will be provided the legal protections they require, and you will have the legal authority to assist them now and into the future.

Corporate Law:
Madar Law Office is very experienced in forming new businesses for clients.  We can work with you to determine what best suits your specific needs, whether it may be a Limited Liability Company, Corporation, or Professional Corporation.  We work closely with the State of Michigan and the Internal Revenue Service to make sure you comply with all laws (both state and federal).  Let us assist you with the day to day operations of your company, including issues involving employees, records, local and state rules and regulations and all general matters involving your company, including any litigation you may face.

Personal Injury:
Madar Law Office has many years of experience handling personal injury/medical malpractice/auto accident/workers compensation/dog bites and slip and falls.  Because we know how the insurance companies work, we can aggressively negotiate to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome.  If you are struggling with a personal injury issue, Madar Law Office can help. Call us today for more information.
Drunk Driving:
If you have been issued an OUI or DUI, Madar Law Office can help you obtain the very best outcome.  There are many steps you can take and numerous legal defenses you may have to charge.  Madar Law Office can help you with your defense and guide you through this complicated matter. Contact us today for more information.

Civil Litigation/Contract Law:
Litigation is an involved, complex process that requires precision and expertise.  Typically, you will be involved in several court proceedings subject to the court’s scheduling orders and charges. As an individual, it can be difficult to understand the rules of evidence and court procedure.  The court may not make exceptions for an individual just because they do not have attorney representation regarding these procedures.  That’s where we can help. Madar Law Office has substantial experience in litigation of all forms.  Often, this litigation is initiated by contract matters.  Contract law and defenses are based upon statutes and case law and may be quite complex.  We would be happy to discuss litigation and contract formation with you at any time.  Call us today for more information.

Real Estate; Zoning:
Real estate law is well settled in Michigan and can be extremely complicated.  Often, the difference between winning and losing a real estate case comes down to settled issues.  Here at Madar Law Office we have been litigating real estate matters for well over a decade.  In addition to real estate litigation, we are well versed on purchase documents, land contracts, real estate closings, title concerns, recording problems and association bylaws and covenants.  We represent several large homeowners associations and lake associations throughout mid-Michigan, as well as development issues.  We represent individuals, associations and municipalities in real estate and zoning matters in a wide variety of areas.  Please contact us to learn more about our experience and how we may be able to assist you or your association.